We work with the Virginia IT Agency.

VITA serves as Virginia's consolidated technology services agency, providing innovative solutions and support to state agencies, local governments, and other public entities. Their mission encompasses ensuring the effective use of technology to advance government operations, improve citizen services, and drive economic development statewide.

Code 3 AV Inc. VITA Information

VITA Contract Number: VA-210625-C3AV

Contract Title: Audio Visual Products/Services

SWaM: Micro Business, Small Business

As a trusted partner of the Virginia IT Agency, we are committed to supporting their mission of leveraging technology to enhance government operations and citizen services statewide. Through our collaboration with VITA, we aim to deliver cutting-edge audio-visual solutions to state agencies, local governments, and public entities, contributing to the advancement of technology infrastructure across Virginia.

Our partnership with VITA enables us to streamline procurement processes and provide specialized AV products and services tailored to the unique needs of government organizations. By leveraging our VITA contract, agencies can benefit from cost-effective solutions and streamlined purchasing procedures, ensuring efficient acquisition of audio-visual equipment and services.

With a focus on innovation and excellence, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality AV solutions that empower government entities to communicate effectively, engage citizens, and drive positive outcomes. By choosing Code 3 AV Inc. through the VITA contract, agencies can access a trusted partner committed to delivering exceptional service, reliability, and value.


To explore how our partnership with VITA can benefit your organization or to learn more about our comprehensive audio-visual solutions at CODE3AV INC., please contact us today.

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What is VITA?

Virginia IT Agency is an organization for Virginia departments to connect with businesses to help them grow together. VITA helps small businesses across the state by connecting them with local government opportunities. In exchange, the Virginia agencies get a pre-negotiated discount for buying from these businesses.

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Why does Code 3 av inc. have a VITA contract?

Code 3 AV Inc. has a VITA contract to connect with state departments and assist them with their AV purchasing needs. Code 3 AV Inc. is one of the few AV companies in Virginia that have a VITA contract. Code 3 AV Inc. is a SWaM micro business based out of Midlothian, VA and has met all VITA requirements.

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What discounts does being a VITA member provide for you?

If your department is a VITA member, you’ll get pre-negotiated discounts on all equipment bought through Code 3 AV Inc., as well as discounted service rates and a discounted service contract if you choose to get coverage on your AV system through our service department.

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Why buy your equipment through Code 3 AV Inc.?

We are a SWaM micro business based out of Midlothian, VA that would love to help you with your AV needs. We are passionate about AV solutions. We don’t just build audio visual systems; we build relationships through excellent communication. We focus on customer satisfaction at every step. We take pride in our work and our clients appreciate our commitment to completion.

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