A letter from Peter Norman following the tragic death of Pat Hearring

Code3AV is saddened that co-founder and co-owner, Pat Hearring, has died by suicide.

This loss has been heartbreaking. With the family’s permission we are sharing the facts as appropriate and offering support for those who might need it.

Pat was one of the most ethical and fair people I have ever met, doing whatever was necessary to ensure client satisfaction. He was not afraid to make the hard decisions. Pat loved this company, his team and took enormous pride in his work. I am honored to have been his friend and partner all these years while building Code 3 AV. A huge Virginia Tech fan, a good father to his son, Cody, and a listener with a big heart, Pat’s passing leaves a hole in the lives of many.

Like many who suffer with thoughts of suicide, Pat suffered in silence. I know he had been treated in the past for depression. I struggle knowing that the signs of his troubled state were not apparent to me despite our close relationship of many years, but I also recognize the inability to control the actions of another. My heart breaks that his son, Cody will grow up without his father in his life. Pat loved him so very much.

Healing will take time, and working together to further Pat’s dream will help that process. This pain becomes our compass to achieve new goals and to bring us closer to our purpose. We will let it remind us of how precious our own life is. Pat’s legacy of high ethics will continue through us. Pat was never afraid to take on the consequences of the right decision. We miss our fearless leader, and we will carry this forward in our company culture. Please share with us your stories of Pat. This helps.

As a company, Code 3 AV’s efforts will be focused on pulling together, helping each other find supportive resources, and supporting our clients. Thank you for your patience while we regroup after this tragedy. Your understanding and your loyalty as we move through this process is greatly appreciated.

Service details will be posted as soon as they have been finalized. I have added some information below about suicide and suicide prevention.

If you think a friend may need help, do not be afraid to have a very brave and direct conversation with them.

All the Best,


From Anne Moss, author, professional speaker, and suicide prevention trainer:

The problem is that people think of suicide as a choice

The myth of suicide is that someone is pondering their future and decides to take the easy way out and end it all instead of working through whatever adversity they are facing. That’s where the notion of “suicide being selfish” comes in.

But that’s not what suicidal thinking is at all.

It’s more irrational, invasive and intense, usually the result of mental illness, addiction, head injury, physical illness or trauma.

That moment is not selfish. It’s desperate.

That’s why suicide is considered a death of despair. Over time, people get worn down from fighting those thoughts which on average can last anywhere from twenty minutes to 2.5 hours. I’ve worked with hundreds in active suicidal intensity and when they come out of it, it’s like they’ve woken up from a trance.

*Blog Post

Means reduction saves lives.

In 2017, almost 65% of the gun deaths in Virginia were suicides* (not homicides). Given that the rates of this cause of death have risen, please take care to secure firearms in a thumbprint safe. If someone you love is experiencing a crisis, ask if you can hold onto their firearm until the crisis has passed. Safely securing firearms is a thoughtful and effective way to prevent suicide. See this article for more information.


*Blog Post


Who to call for crisis in Virginia

If you or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide and live in or around the state of Virginia, these are the numbers to call.

National Suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255.

National Suicide Crisis text line 741-741.

RBHA -Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Crisis Line 804-819-4100

For the state of Virginia

Chesterfield County Crisis Line………………………………… 804-748-6356

Henrico Residents Crisis Line………………………………….. 804-727-8484

Charles City/New Kent residents Crisis Lines……………… 877-264-8484 (TTY: 804-727-8496 )

Hanover County Adults Crisis Line…………………………….. 804-365-4200

Hanover County Youth Crisis Line………………..................... 804-365-4200

Goochland/Powhatan Crisis Line………………………………. 804-556-3716 / 804-598-2697

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